Uniform Destruction Mornington Peninsula

iShred’s Uniform Destruction & Shredding Services can securely destroy uniforms and other clothing to reduce unauthorised use, minimise security risks and to destroy counterfeit clothing and fakes

Just some of the items that iShred can destroy:

  • Emergency Services Uniforms – Police, Ambulance, Fire
  • Guards & Security Uniforms
  • Military Uniforms
  • Corporate Attire and Uniforms
  • Unauthorised merchandise and “knock-offs”

Ensure the safety and integrity of your company or organisation by eliminating any unauthorised use of your staffs unused or out of date uniforms. You can now securely destroy any unused or unwanted uniform items using iShred’s Destruction & Shredding Services.

Regardless of the size of your organisation, iShred can help. With a multitude of shredding and destruction services at cost effective rates, iShred are one of Australia’s leaders in secure destruction.

For more information about how iShred can securely destroy and dispose of your businesses clothing and attire, contact us today on 1300 763 688.

Our friendly and professional staff are able to advise and guide you through all of your document, e media, uniform destruction and even personal shredding needs.

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