Of all the industries that need to be mindful of sensitive data, the legal industry has to be one of the top contenders.  Legal document destruction should be a priority!

Every day, organisations in the legal industry deal with critical private information – and we hand over our own details on the assumption that they meet privacy requirements.  This includes undertaking appropriate legal document destruction when files are no longer required. We probably all understand that legal companies are keepers of sensitive data, but just what sort of information are we talking about? The private information kept on file in law firms can be in both digital format and kept as paper files.  The type of sensitive material can range from basic information to extensive contracts.  This includes, but is not limited to:

Personal contact information
Financial Data (including bank account, pay and tax details)
Medical information
House and land, and Real Estate contracts, and copies of deeds
Legal Wills and Power of Attorney documents
Family law files, including extremely private information about children and situations within the home
Employment legal issues
Law suits
Criminal case files and police information
Corporate legal information
Government-related data

There are many reasons why companies must ensure that legal documents like these be kept safe, and all e-media and digital storage is highly secure. iShred caters to all industries, and with their onsite shredding services, are the experts in secure document and e-media destruction.  We are familiar with the requirements of the legal industry, and encourage all legal document destruction to be completed by a professional document destruction agency. Once documents and media are destroyed safely, all companies are issued with a certificate, and can also feel great knowing that their obsolete information is both securely destroyed, and efficiently recycled! For more information about iShred’s On Site Document Destruction Servicescontact us on 1300 763 688 today.

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