When people hear the words “document destruction”, it usually conjures up images of shredded files and paperwork.  But in today’s digital world, secure e-media destruction should have a much greater focus than it currently has.

Portable digital media has changed the way we share information, and for a lot of businesses, organisations and private homes, there is a stash of USB drives, CDs, DVDs and external hard drives – often loaded with a combination of random and sensitive information, backups and working files.

Sometimes these are even stored in an insecure place, such as a drawer or communal storage area!

Without adequate processes in place, and with a lack of understanding of the sensitive data that digital media can have stashed on it, information can unintentionally end up in the hands of people who simply should not have access to it!

So it is vital that all organisations and individuals develop safe e-media destruction guidelines and habits, particularly when it comes to items that are both obsolete and not reusable, such as CDs and DVDs).

When we refer to e-media, we are talking about any device that can store digital files:

Hard drives
Old server drives
CD’s, DVD’s & Blu-Ray Discs
Tapes and other recorded devices
USB Flash Drives
Mobile Phones

With iShred E-Media Destruction Melbourne, we have the facilities to securely destroy these items, either at your premises or ours.  You can be confident that this is done with the utmost consideration for confidentiality – we destroy your electronic media right before your eyes!

It is our goal to help people keep their sensitive information safe, and avoid the risk of identity theft.  If you want to know more about Electronic or Digital Media Destruction Melbourne, contact iShred on 1300 763 688 today.

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